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  Construction   Mechanical System   Electrical System  
  Clean Room   Sanitary System   Air Pollution  




  Design   Design  
  Design   Design  
  Design   Design  
  Structure   Structure  
  Civil Work   Civil Work  
  Architect   Architect  


  Mechanical System  


  Pumping   Fire Protection Pipe System  
  Air Compressor   HVAC System  
  Water Treatment      


  Electrical System  


  Lighting System   Lighting System  
  Main Feeder   Access and Control System  
  Emergency Light System   Installation Transfermer System  


  Clean Room Design & Installation  


  Clean Room Interior   Clean Room Equipment & Part  
  Clean Room Service      


  Sanitary System  


  Toilet   Toilet  
  Sawage System   Sawage System  


  Air Pollution System  


  Duct Collector   Air Washer  



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