Our Projects  


  Unilever Thai Holding Co.,Ltd. - Strait-Wet Savory Construction (1,300 sqm)  


  Thai Kajima Co.,Ltd. - 2 Floor Fujilloy New Factory (4,000 sqm)  


  PCG Group Co.,Ltd. - Warehouse Construction (2,400 sqm)  


  Biodrgradable Packing for Environment Co.,Ltd. - Factory Building   


  Thappline Co.,Ltd. (Lamlokka, Patumthani) - Flood Protection System  


  CPF Co.,Ltd. - New Office Building (1,600 sqm)  


  Toyoda Gosei Rubber (Thailand) - Extension Recycle Factory (1,672 sqm)  


  TM&R Corporation Co.,Ltd. - Football Field and Badminton Court and Commercial  


  CPF Co.,Ltd. - Warehouse Building (3,000 sqm)  


  Jotun Co.,Ltd. - Powder Factory Extension (3,500 sqm)  


  Sura Bangyikhan Co.,Ltd. - Construction Warehouse Storage Project (2,160 sqm)  


  Thonburi Commercial College  


  Michelin Siam Co.,Ltd. (Rayong) - Building & Utilities for RYG Training School (300 sqm)  


  Michelin ROH Co.,Ltd. - Building/Mechanical/Electrical & Parking Ramp (1,600 sqm)  


  CPF (Thailand) PLC.,(Nakhonnayok) - Expand/Renovation Factory (Cold Room 551 sqm)   


  TBSP PLC. (under SCG) - New Office, Cae Parking, Bridge (800 sqm)  


  SCG Co.,Ltd. (Nong Kae) - PPA Office Building Construction  


  Mice Management Co.,Ltd. - Construction Sale & Distribution Center OTOP  


  CPF (Thailand) PLC. - Foundation Ground Work/Footing Tunnel Construction  


  Food City Co.,Ltd. - Build a New Factory (2,000 sqm) work in process  


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